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It'S realy that SHO????? in Mens Egg?????
I can't believe it (TwT)
Sho is back??? Yee~

which issue of Mens Egg?

:) I think I put a wrong translation. No he's not back. We are hoping his come back.
I really didn't know what edition it is. I browse and find this in one of chinese blog which then I google translate.

Wondering which site you found it in? ^^ Also, do you have any download links for a subbed version?

Whoa, I don't remember which site it is. But it's in chinese. Perhaps in sina blog or something.
A subbed version of this interview, you mean. No, I don't have. The only subbed video I got is some part of Hikaru & Sho in Elos 3, I think. I got it in - if not in Harenchibox or ikemennosekimen. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful to you.

*Knockknock* Im sorry... May I???

I know that this post is a little bit... old.
However, I wanna thankiu u for it 'cause over the past two years I've used a lot to know better these three guys ... especially to the Hikaru/Sho couple. But, I dunnot why, never let u a message thankin'u, shame of me.

So, here I am... A lot of thanks. A million and million... I like so much your post about Luxe Boys.

:D glad you enjoy it. yesss, hikaru-sho couple is HEAVEN. lol

hi there~ ^^ i was wondering if i can repost this on paradoxfive.com ? ^^ its a jgv fansite and we want to post this on the boy's profiles ~ thnx !!!

and bouhdafjnkmxcqorwubafnsdjickmqreasdbchujnkmgrefs thank u sooo much! i enjoyed a lot reading about them ^^

Soooo one question guys. Does they still work that or no?(I mean do they have new movies form 2012 or 2013 ) And are they really all bi-sexual or they are making this films because of the money (that automatic mean that they are normal)

Btw u did a really awesome job. THANK U so much. :* :* :*

both nagi and sho is retired,right?and rumors said they married each other..is it true?

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