Making adjustment

New job.  New enviroment.  OMG,  I guess everyone loves to make a scene. Dead tired today.  I just don't wanna mess this up but I am not sure I still have the stamina for these kind of drama scenes...
So help me God 🙏

Uber Sucks

Udah lama banget gak posting di jurnal ini....  Ya mumpung br dpt hp br yg ram-nya gede,  marilah kita donlot aplikasi dan semoga mulai rajin berkicau di tempat ini....

Curhatan malam ini adalah pada aplikasi Uber. Kekesalan saya sudah diubun2 gara aplikasi ini.  Klimaksnya adalah pas lihat tagihan kartu kredit dimana account gw kena charge biaya yang gak jelas gitu.

Sementara hari dimana gw dicharge itu, gw dicancel supir uber sampe 5 kali karena gak mau jemput sesuai dengan titik lokasi di GPS.

Dan gw kena charge cancellation fee 2x yg shrsnya 20rb.
Dibalikin ke uber credit gw memng 20ribu.

Tapi masalahnya yang bikin gw super spaneng and kesal tingkat tinggi.  Kartu gw dicharge 2 kali.  Pertama 10rb,  ke-2 22rb!!!!  Jd total 32rb.

Kesel tingkat tinggi banget krn mau protes gak bisa krn gak ada call centernya dan alamat ktrnya.  Sementara cm bs protes lewat email yg kl kita gak puas tp buat uber masalah udh clear,  jawabannya copy paste jawaban yang sama!!!

Learning from the experience
Even if you start a business with your friend, you have to have the same idealism, mission and goal.
It’s simple and I guess I didn’t think that through. When I asked this matter to them and they said that they don’t know when to achieve to BEP, I should have back away. When they say that they do it because they just want have additional something in their life as both are married and actually have income from their husbands, I should have known whay I want is different.
More over, that it should be for the sake of friendship, I should not join when I saw how crazy their price point and their first 3 month report. Because it turned out – without me realizing - it exhaust me when I tried to open their mind and change the way that I know it should be change.
Even worse, when the idealism change, you will feel left alone, especially when it’s two against one. Your journey is lonely. Your friends are on the other side with their own opinion, feeling theirs’ the right one. So, your previous ideas that actually used to better the business are just forgetten or take it for granted.
All I can say how frustrated I am when I say that we should two vendors for outsource, just for a back up plan, if one vendor give problem. They are just so defensive that it’s so hard looking another vendor and how some of my suggestion vendor are ignored. When they finally got one, they don’t even update you. Again, they took me for granted.
So, the lacked of those three things just become a chaotic mess. The reason why I want to join because I thought their design and business vision/idealism are in syn with mine. It turned out completely the opposite. So, what you can say to yourself is you got yourself one hell of a lesson!
One important point is communication. When you involved in a business when you are on the non-active side, you are in need for a communication just to update what’s going on. I don’t know but somehow my voice got lost in translation. And when 2 vs 1, you can guess who the winner is. The (kinda) sad part is when your partner said that well we just did what we did in the daily operation and it’s best that we just update you the result. There, I just realized that I’m actually not considered as their partner. When I said that now I do have time to be more involved, again my ideas are just different as their design vision already different, I kinda feel that we just grew apart.
One last thing is location with your business partner. When your location is far for your partners, somehow it grows that lack of communication.
It’s been a while that I wanna write this but somehow I finally put it down in writing. I need to write this as a closure. Just to let out my feeling and also a reminder later in the future if I want to do this kind of partnership.


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